North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Class



Earn your multi-state accepted Concealed Handgun Permit at Asheville Armory. We offer classes roughly once ever two weeks that cover all the everything you need to become an official North Carolina Department of Justice issued CHP card carrying permittee. CHP carriers enjoy several privilieges over those who choose not to have one. Stop in today or see our calender to sign up for the next class.


Course Goal

“To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a pistol safely.”
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course Lesson Plans



  1. Legal Issues regarding laws of deadly force.
  2. Carry concealed safety concerns.
  3. Firing the First Shots (includes cleaning and storage).
  4. Ammunition Knowledge and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting.
  5. Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling.
  6. Presentation Techniques


Pistol (prefereble at semi-automatic), 50 rounds of ammunition & 2 magazines. Pistols and ammo are available at the shop.


Course Completion

Students will complete the NC DOJ test and fire a minumum of 50 rounds at a B27 target at 5, 7,10 yards with a 90% or better score for both.


 8.5 hrs. $89.95.





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